Detectores endereçáveis, bases e caixas

F220‑B6PS/M Addressable Detector Bases with POPITs
  • POPITs provide individual addresses on the control panel data expansion circuit
  • Multiple base can supervise up to 19 two-wire detectors
  • Chamber Check with F220 family detectors
  • DIP switch address setting
  • Compatible with PAM‑4 Relay Module
Detectores Endereçáveis Fotoelétricos de Fumaça e de Fumaça e Temperatura D7050
  • Conecta ao barramento multiplex do FACP endereçável FPD‑7024 ou D7024 e ao painel de controle DS7400Xi
  • Resistência superior a pó
  • Exclusivo diagnóstico automático Chamber Check
  • Recursos do teste automático de sensibilidade
  • Fácil desmontagem para limpeza
D7050-B6 Base multiplex, 2 fios
  • Connects to multiplex bus of the FPD‑7024 or D7024 Addressable FACP, DS7400Xi Control Panel, and G Series Control Panels
  • Detector's head is easily removed by twisting
  • Two‑piece detector head and base design allows pre‑wiring the system