RSS Strobes with Colored Lenses

RSS Strobes with Colored Lenses
  • Choice of three strobe lens colors with range of intensity options
  • Wall or ceiling mount on standard electrical boxes
  • Operates from 16 V to 33 V at 1 flash/sec using filtered or full‑wave rectified DC voltage
  • Synchronize with DSM-12/24-R Synchronization Module
  • Detalles
    Voltage (Input): 24 VDC nominal; 16 VDC or FWR to 33 VDC or FWR
    RMS Current (maximum)
    24110W Models: 110 cd: 300 mA RMS maximum
    24MCC Models: 15 cd: 65 mA RMS maximum 30 cd: 105 mA RMS maximum 75 cd: 189 mA RMS maximum 95 cd: 249 mA RMS maximum
    24MCCH Models: 115 cd: 300 mA RMS maximum 177 cd: 420 mA RMS maximum
    Relative Humidity: Up to 95%, non‑condensing
    Temperature (Operating): +32°F to +120°F (0°C to +49°C)
    Candela Settings: 24110W models: 110 cd 24MCC models1: 15 cd, 30 cd, 75 cd, 95 cd 24MCCH models: 115 cd, 177 cd
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 4.75 in. x 4.75 in. x 2.5 in (12.1 cm x 12.1 cm x 6.4 cm)
    Material: Molded plastic enclosure incorporating a Xenon flashtube and Lexan lens.


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Variantes de Producto

RSSA-24MCC-NW Luz estrob., lente ámbar, 15-95cd, 24V

Amber lens strobe with four field-selectable settings (15 cd, 30 cd, 75 cd, or 95 cd)

Referencia comercial No. RSSA-24MCC-NW
Producto No. F.01U.010.629

RSSA-24MCCH-NW Luz estrob., lente ámbar, 115-177cd, 24V

Referencia comercial No. RSSA-24MCCH-NW
Producto No. F.01U.010.644

RSSB-24110W-NW Luz estrob., lente azul, 15-95cd, 24V

Blue lens strobe (110 cd)

Referencia comercial No. RSSB-24110W-NW
Producto No. F.01U.010.631



DSM‑12/24‑R Dual Synchronization Module (red)

DSM‑12/24‑R Dual Synchronization Module (red)

Módulo Cooper Wheelock de 12/24 VCC que sincroniza los dispositivos de notificación en un circuito de clase A o dos circuitos de clase B.

Referencia comercial No. DSM‑12/24‑R
Producto No. F.01U.001.789

SM‑12/24‑R Single Synchronization Module (red)

SM‑12/24‑R Single Synchronization Module (red)

A 12/24 VDC Cooper Wheelock module that synchronizes notification appliances on Class B alarm circuits.

Not Available.

Referencia comercial No. SM‑12/24‑R
Producto No. F.01U.001.835