FPD-7024-A Central incendio, 4 z. 24V, Anatel, roja

Referencia comercial No. FPD-7024A
Producto No. F.01U.268.902

FPD-7024-A Central incendio, 4 z. 24V, Anatel, roja
  • Four initiating zones (expandable to eight) with up to 20 two‑wire smoke detectors per zone
  • Programmable through keypads or remote programming software (RPS) through a Conettix interface module or through the public switched telephone network (PSTN)
  • Two notification appliance circuits (NACs) on board with a shared internal regulated 24 VFWR, 4 A NAC power supply
  • Easily converts to addressable with the addition of a MUX expansion module
  • Reports to two phone numbers, two IP addresses, or a phone number and an IP address
  • Detalles
    Line impedance for ground fault detection (Option Bus, conventional input, NAC, secondary power circuit, MUX Bus, AUX power, SMK power) 10 kΩ or less
    Power (Input) 120 V 60 Hz 1.4 A or 230/240 V 50 Hz, 0.7 A
    Power (non‑resettable Auxiliary) 17 to 31 VRMS, unfiltered, 1.0 A
    Power (resettable Smoke)1 20.4 to 28.2 VDC nominal, filtered, 1.0 A.
    Power (Option Bus) 12 VDC nominal, 500 mA
    Power (Notification Appliance Circuit [NAC])2 Each NAC has 24 VRMS nominal, unfiltered power with up to 2.5 A capacity (but limited by overall 4.0 A capacity)
    Power (Optional Standby Batteries) Two 12 V (in series), 7 Ah to 40 Ah
    NACs Line Impedance (voltage loss) 1.5 V
    Recommended battery manufacturers3 Power Sonic: PS-1270, PS-12170, PS-12180YUASA: NP7-12, NPG18-12
    1 For compatible smoke detection devices, see also the FPD‑7024 Smoke Detector Compatibility List.2 For compatible NAC devices, see also the FPD‑7024 NAC Compatibility List3 If other manufacturers or battery types are used, ensure that the battery or batteries can handle an initial charge current of at least 1.7 A.
    Temperature (operating and storage) +32°F to +120°F (0°C to +49°C)
    Wiring Class B or Class A
    Notification patterns Configurable for steady, pulsing, California March, Temporal (ANSI) code 3, synchronized Wheelock, synchronized Gentex, and synchronized System Sensor.
    Local (on-board) The main control panel includes Three Form C relays. The relay contacts are rated at 5 A, 28 VDC. No over current limiting is performed on the contacts of the relays. The default selection for the relays is to indicate general alarm (relay 1), general system trouble (relay 2), and supervisory (relay 3). By using point or zone mapping, they can be programmed to activate in a wide variety of conditions.
    Remote1 Eight Form C relay outputs are provided by a D7035 Remote Relay Module. The module connects to the FACP through the option bus. The outputs are fully programmable, exactly as the local relays are programmed. Each output operates independently of the other seven to provide complete flexibility. Communication with the D7035 is supervised. Contact Rating: 5 A at 28 VDCNumber of Modules: two units maximum.
    1 For wiring requirements, see Option bus wiring requirements.


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