D7042/D7042B Remote modules, 8‑input

D7042/D7042B Remote modules, 8‑input
  • Provides eight Class B initiating circuits
  • Includes eight UL Listed EOL resistors
  • Convenient plastic case (D7042) or red metal fire enclosure (D7042B) for remote mounting
  • Easy to install
  • Connects to panel’s multiplex bus through a MUX expansion module

Variantes de Producto

D7042 Módulo remoto, 8 entradas clase B

Board and plastic enclosure with spring tamper

Referencia comercial No. D7042
Producto No. 4.998.800.552

D7042B Módulo multiplex, metal, 8 entradas

Board on mounting plate with metal enclosure

Referencia comercial No. D7042B
Producto No. 4.998.140.390