BIS-ACE-32DOORS Licencia 32 entradas adicionales

Referencia comercial No. BIS-ACE-32DOORS
Producto No. F.01U.027.144

BIS-ACE-32DOORS Licencia 32 entradas adicionales
  • Sophisticated access control with direct alarm management
  • Seamless integration and interaction with video, fire, and intrusion systems via the common BIS platform
  • Installer-friendly configuration through the use of door model template definitions and the import of existing cardholder data
  • Flexible calendar functions
  • N-person access, Mantrap, Random Screening and Guard Tour for high-level security
  • Visitor management

Pertenece a

BIS, Access Engine (ACE) 2.x/3.0

Módulo principal que amplía BIS con funciones de control de accesos.