Fin de Vida: API-AEC21-4WR 4 placas de lectora Wiegand

Referencia comercial No. API-AEC21-4WR
Producto No. F.01U.100.387

API-AEC21-4WR 4 placas de lectora Wiegand
  • 4 readers expandable to 32 readers
  • Supports up to 20,480 card holders and 100,000 transactions
  • Classify cardholders based on 254 access groups
  • 255 time schedules, 32 regular and 32 special holidays
  • Anti-passback (APB) capabilities
  • 8 Alarm Zones and attendance capture
  • Intrusion monitoring up to 64 input and control points
  • E-mail or SMS Alert for critical events
  • CCTV Integration, Live view, archive retrieval, event verification and in window PTZ
  • Support for multiple languages

Pertenece a

Access Easy Controller 2.1

Access Easy Controller 2.1 (AEC2.1) es un controlador de accesos de nueva generación que combina de forma exclusiva las funciones de un servidor Web y un sistema de seguridad en una unidad completa.