Simple and Scalable—Bosch Video Management System 4.5

Securing people, property and assets in mid-sized organizations and large enterprises is a significant challenge. A flexible IP security system architecture that is easy to manage and enables information sharing across sites and with mobile personnel can help to make this responsibility easier.

With the Bosch Video Management System (Bosch VMS), operators know instantly what is happening in the entire organization. Bosch VMS easily supports configurations ranging from a single standalone system with up to 2,000 high definition (HD) and standard definition cameras to multi-site large-scale enterprise applications with up to 50 management servers and an unlimited number of cameras—new for version 4.5!

When used as part of a complete solution from Bosch, it deeply leverages and integrates all the advanced features of Bosch IP video devices, including edge-based Intelligent Video Analysis and forensic search, dual streaming, recording bookmarks, Dynamic Transcoding, and more.

HD Security Redefined. HD video accessible – Anywhere

With support for Dynamic Transcoding technology, Bosch VMS 4.5 extends the possibilities for limited bandwidth remote monitoring, enabling HD surveillance images to be viewed from anywhere. HD video streams are changed into lower resolution streams, allowing seamless browsing through recordings with no compromise in the original image quality. Full resolution is restored whenever the image is paused. This gives operators fast streaming over limited bandwidth connections and full HD images.

This latest version of Bosch VMS also features enhancements for distributed system environments—including state-of-the-art time zone support—as well as improved services for mobile users, support for more recording solutions and even easier operation. A new server lookup service allows the operator to search for and connect to a list of management servers or enterprise management servers across the wide area network. Also added is a web client that displays cameras from various recording solutions, allows live and playback video at the same time and requires no plug-ins or ActiveX controls—helping to meet common IT security requirements at many mid-to-large-sized organizations. And, for even simpler set-up, a wizard now allows installers to begin recording in just a few guided steps.

Supported recording systems for Bosch VMS 4.5 now include the 400, 600 and 700 Series of Digital Recorders in addition to iSCSI storage devices and appliances, local SDXC or SDHC cards in Bosch encoders and IP cameras, Bosch Recording Station and DiBos Digital Video Recorders. Effortless integration of multiple recording solutions protects your existing investment and provides a single platform for viewing video from numerous sources in a system.

Bosch VMS 4.5 offers an enterprise-class IP video security solution for seamless management of digital video, audio and data across any IP network. It provides a number of benefits for operators, administrators and integrators.

Operator Benefits:

Bosch VMS connects authorized users to independent sites and entities with a single sign on. Use the new features in version 4.5 for even easier system management.

  • Search for any management server or enterprise management server in the system and connect with a simple mouse click
  • Select desired time zone and operate management servers in other zones seamlessly; image timestamps, playback timelines and logbook entries adjust automatically
  • Access live and playback video from any PC running HTML5-based web clients
  • View live and playback video for up to four camera streams simultaneously on mobile devices—access images from Bosch and ONVIF conformant devices, Bosch DiBos Digital Recorders, Bosch Recording Station and more sources
  • Use the KBD-Universal-FX Keyboard with simple USB connection and intuitive interface; illuminated keys show available functions and blinking buttons display enabled modes
  • Establish more reliable TCP connections to cameras challenged by bandwidth constraints

Administrator Benefits:

Grant user access to any combination of sites and share live and playback video between geographically-distributed sites or different operational entities, all with high system availability and reliability. New features for administrators include:

  • Setup small- and mid-sized systems with just a few clicks using the configuration wizard
  • Monitor and manage geographically-distributed surveillance systems with no configuration for time zones required
  • Connect operator clients to private networks via public interfaces

Integrator and Developer Benefits:

Integrate ONVIF conformant third-party devices for live and continuous recording through the Bosch Video Streaming Gateway included as part of the Bosch VMS 4.5 VRM iSCSI recording engine. A complete set of SDKs also allows full integration of access control, PSIM, or other external collaborative systems. The client and server SDK allows integration and bi-directional sharing of information as needed. APIs and sample codes are available for developers to leverage.

  • Consolidated API interface to systems beyond the Bosch VMS
  • Cameo SDK provides live, playback and export
  • Client SDK promotes the development of a custom remote control operator client
  • Server SDK to receive events and alarms for remote control of the system

Choose Bosch VMS 4.5 for a total video security management system. It is field-proven in a wide range of applications, including airports, city centers, casinos, manufacturing facilities, university campuses, and many other large geographically- and operational-entity-dispersed environments across the globe.