High quality design for Bosch motion detectors


Bosch offers the Blue Line and Professional Series indoor, wall mount motion detectors. Both lines reflect decades of sensor development expertise and provide industry leading catch performance and false alarm imunity. They also incorporate numerous features that reduce installation time, ensure proper installation, and prevent accidental damage.

All Bosch detectors are two piece designs. There is a mounting plate where the terminal strip is located, and all electronics and optics are housed in the separate front cover under a protective plastic enclosure. Compare this to simple detectors where the PCB is located directly on the mounting plate, exposed during installation to potential damage.

There are many reasons for locating the PCB in the front cover. Spiders are notorious for generating false alarms in conventional detectors. They can easily crawl in because of the open structure of the optics and electronics within the housing. In the two-piece design, the electronics and optics are sealed, so no spider or other insect can penetrate.

In conventional detectors, the PCB needs to be taken out to install the wires and the mounting plate. The installer then wires the terminal strip and mounts the PCB back onto the housing. Typically, there is very little room for the wires, which means the front cover must be closed with force. If, during the wiring process, there is an accidental nick in the copper after stripping the wire, it could break once the cover is closed by force.

Taking out and touching the PCB can cause damage to the electronics from electrostatic discharge (ESD). This type of damage is extremely difficult to find and can cause false alarms or other unpredictable intermittent behaviors, which are costly to service. With the sealed electronics in Bosch detectors, the PCB is protected from being touched or damaged during installation, making ESD damage highly unlikely to occur.

The removable terminal strip on the mounting plate in Bosch detectors also guarantees easy access, wiring, and mounting. Enough space for the wires ensures the detector can be closed securely without force.

The total cost of ownership for Bosch detectors is significantly less than for conventional detectors which have higher maintenance and service costs due to false alarms and poor catch performance that result from the above design elements. Not only do Bosch detectors reduce total cost of ownership, but they also increase satisfaction through superior reliability.

The two piece design, removable terminal blocks and screwless locking mechanism also reduce the installation time of Bosch detectors by 25% or more when compared to traditional detectors.