Bosch Advances HD Video Decoder Technology with 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i3 Processor


Bosch is pushing the boundaries of video decoding by incorporating 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i3 processors into our high-performance HD decoders. The result of this collaboration was the Bosch VIP HD Decoder, which supports the display of high-definition video from multiple cameras (and camera types) on multiple video windows.

The VIP HD Decoder can handle four H.264 720p/30 streams or two 1080p/30 streams at 10 Mbps, or six H.264 standard definition streams at six Mbps from dome cameras on a 16:9 HD monitor for increased situational awareness. In addition, the device supports access security protection via AES encryption and is malware resistant for reduced cost of ownership, while conforming to all safety certification standards.

This HD decoder is ideal for applications ranging from surveillance for cities and critical infrastructure to monitoring commercial facilities, retailers, casinos, and more. It provides additional features of compact size and VESA mount for easy field mounting, and monitor display flexibility through a variety of standard HD outputs, such as DVI-I, HDMA and DP.

“Our customers are looking for multi-channel performance – and at the same time, they need cost-effective solutions,” explains Konrad Simon, Product Manager IP Video, Bosch Security Systems. “As they move from analog to digital solutions, they’re seeing more and more benefits. Our latest decoder takes this technology to the next level.”

In addition to Intel, Bosch worked with Adtech, a leading global provider of design, fulfillment, and support of computer technology and services, to develop the new decoder.

Considerations for the new product included support for simultaneous traffic from multiple video streams and video resource optimization, ensuring smooth video performance on each display.

Michael Willis, Field Sales Engineer from Intel, says, “We worked night and day until we developed a product that met both Intel and Bosch’s high quality standards.”

Adtech Business Development Manager Dan Davidovici concurs: “Intel engineers worked closely with Adtech to help optimize the video driver software.”

The project’s development from inception to finished product took only seven months. Today, the Bosch VIP HD Decoder employs Intel® architecture to display high-definition and standard-definition video from cameras and encoders using H.264 or MPEG-4 encoding at up to 30 images per second. It’s also compatible with the Windows-based Bosch decoder software suite, which makes future software updates even easier.

In addition, the Intel processor roadmap has enabled Bosch to target even higher levels of product performance.

“We see an increasing requirement for fully protected data transmission while performing CCTV over IP,” notes Simon. “We also see a growing need for higher and higher resolutions, with next generations moving beyond full HD. Working with Intel, we’re preparing for these advances. In fact, we predict that we will see 16 megapixels in the next two years, at frame rates of up to 60 fps!”