Bosch + Genetec: Seamless Integration


A long-term, strategic partnership has driven a deep level of integration between Bosch IP video devices and the Genetec unified security platform, Security Center, and the Omnicast Video Surveillance Solution. The integration goes beyond basic functionality to offer customers support for the unique features of Bosch IP devices, providing advanced solutions for a variety of security and public safety applications.

Genetec certifies support for edge recording, multi-streaming, and pan-tilt-zoom control for Bosch IP devices. Motion and tamper detection and Bosch’s Intelligent Video Analysis are also certified to provide joint customers with advanced notification of potential security risks. And, forensic search support enables easy investigation of recorded video for specific events.

Omnicast also supports Bosch’s Video Recording Manager (VRM) technology. VRM centrally manages direct-to-iSCSI recordings from Bosch IP cameras and encoders, distributing the load across available storage devices. The integration enables the Omnicast Archive Player to request and playback video from a Bosch camera configured on a VRM server.

Customers appreciate this depth of integration, as it gives them immediate access to the latest technology innovations and cutting-edge products from both Bosch and Genetec. This includes Bosch’s new Starlight family—the most light-sensitive megapixel cameras on the market—which are supported by the Genetec platforms.

“Through the new Integration Partner Program, we’re providing Genetec with even more dedicated resources to ensure support of Bosch video products within Security Center and Omnicast,” said Rudolf Spielberger, Head of the Integration Partner Program at Bosch. “Our partnership enables security dealers, integrators, consultants and end users to design systems with the assurance that the powerful features of Bosch IP devices will be realized within Genetec software supported. And, our companies continue to work together on the evolution of our product lines to offer even wider possibilities.”

“Genetec is excited about our ongoing technology alignment with Bosch and how it empowers us to better serve our shared customers with advanced features and functionality,” said George Maroussis, Technology Alliance Manager at Genetec. “Our strong partnership and ongoing cooperation results in highly specialized security solutions that allow users to fully leverage the power of Bosch IP technologies and Genetec software across vertical markets.”

The seamless integration between the two partners was demonstrated at ISC West 2013 with a dedicated Genetec station in the Bosch booth. Genetec is also featured in Bosch’s all-new product exhibit truck, which has started its 2013 nationwide tour in North America.

“At ISC West in Las Vegas, at Genetec’s User Conference in Chicago, or at locations throughout the nation on our Get on Board truck, customers have and will experience the deepness of this integration first-hand,” said Brad Eck, Integration Manager for Bosch in North America. “Together with Genetec, we can offer customers the powerful security-enhancing features delivered by our joint solution.”

For more detail on supported features of Bosch devices within Genetec Security Center Unified Security Platform and Omnicast Video Surveillance Solution, visit the new Integration Partner Program portal at